Friday, August 24, 2012

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About Me
My name is Maria. I have moved a lot in my life, but I mostly grew up in Atlanta, Ga. My family owned our own flower shop in the suburbs of Atlanta. After 9/11, business was never the same, so my parents and I decided if we could ever sell the flower shop we would move to the beach. In January of this year, the flower shop sold. So this is my first semester here at University of South Alabama.
I have changed majors so many times I do not remember which majors I had picked out, but I know that I now have one that is perfect for me. I love to help people, and I understand things in a way that helps me to be able to explain something in several different methods. I am also normally a very patient person, which I think with the right training will lead to a great teacher.
My favorite thing to do is read for pleasure. I am not able to read all the books I want to, especially during the school semester, so throughout most of the year I will have several audio books playing in my car and Iphone.
Randy Pausch on Time Management
In the first couple minutes of watching the clip about Time Management with Randy Pausch, I like his “Goals, Priorities, and Planning.” I especially like the “What happens if I choose not to do this?” Things have a way of getting put off to the last moment, yet if this question is asked more often in my life I am sure I would be able to get some of my things done at an earlier rate. Another quote that I liked from Randy Pausch is “You can always change your plan, but only once you have one!” I like this quote because I am the type of person who loves to have a plan, likes to have my day all scheduled out. Yet things beyond my day are not planned out, because I never know what the day will bring. I am going to start implementing this quote in my life.
Penn State on Time Management
Out of both of the Penn State webpages, I enjoyed “Time Management Lessons” the best. I enjoyed it because the exercise to find out the time commitments each week which helped to show were time maybe wasted. I also liked the six steps for developing time management skills. This section mapped out how to have great time management, and I believe it showed how to be well organized.

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  1. Maria, you seemed to complete every part of the assignment correctly. Your reply was all in one post and had the correct amount of paragraphs and line breaks. It seems like you learned a great deal from Dr. Pausch's speech. I agree that it is important to have a plan in life even though that is something I struggle with sometimes. Your post was well written and contained only a few comma errors, which I'm required to comment on because I am going to be an English teacher. Great job though!