Friday, September 28, 2012

Comments 4 Teachers #1

 image of Dr. Frank Buck
For the past two weeks I have commented on Dr. Buck’s blog Get Organized. I found his post very interesting and informative.

Do You Have This in Your Pocket?
The first blog post I read was called Do You Have This in Your Pocket?. This post was about how Dr. Buck keeps a memo pad with him at all times to help him remember things. As you can see from my comment below, I liked this idea. My comment was:
Hello Dr. Buck, my name is Maria and I am a current student at University of South Alabama. I enjoyed this blog post. I am one that likes to have a memo pad with me, but I am one that normally has one at my day time job. Why I have not thought about putting on in my purse or my wallet in not sure. I like to use the note pad feature of the Iphone, but a true memo pad, I believe, would be used more. I will have to go look for a memo pad to help keep my thoughts and my to-do list together.

The Case Against Multitasking
Dr. Buck’s second blog post I commented about was called The Case Against Multitasking. It showed an infogram that stated how the use of multitasking was not good for us. My comment was:
Hello Dr. Buck, Maria Eschbach from University of South Alabama here again. I really found this blog very interesting when I began to read this I looked up and saw that I had 10 tabs open on my browser. One thing I saw that the infogram does not mention is the effects of television on us as well. It mentions wireless devices, computers, and other electronics but with no mention of television. I wonder what changing the channel after every commercial is doing as well, or the combination of picking up your laptop during the commercial break. Thank you for the post. It was most informative.

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