Thursday, November 8, 2012

Comments for Kids: October

comments for kids
C4K #3
My first student I commented on in October was Anttub954. This student wrote a very imaginative story about Thanksgiving called "The Wacky Thanksgiving". It started like any normal Thanksgiving story, but then everything went wrong. This student has a great imagination. This was my comment:

Hi Anttub954! My name is Maria. I am a college student in Alabama at the University of South Alabama. I am studying to be an elementary teacher. I really enjoyed your story. I thought it was going to be a normal Thanksgiving story, but it changed into something I have never heard before. You have a great imagination. I hope you never lose it and continue writing stories.

C4K #4
The second student I commented on was themcpatrick. The blog was called "Group Work" which got my attention. This student had great ideas about how to successfully work in a group. Some things that I learned the hard way. My comment was this:

Hi themcpatrick! My name is Maria, and I am a student at University of South Alabama. I am studying to be an elementary teacher. I like you do not like to have group projects. It seems I always get paired or grouped up with someone who does not want to do any work. You made great points about how to improve any situation. Even if there is no problem with your group members, with these points the group will make sure that no problems arise. I am going to save these and use them later on. Great job! Wish I read this when I was in high school.

C4K #5
The third student I commented on has the code name Skywalker which he said in an earlier post was not his real name, but he liked it. I liked it as well. He wrote in his blog titled "A Long Weekend" about Terry Fox Day which I did not know what this was. I looked it up and found out this day is about cancer research and exercise. I think this is a great day to have for students to help them understand what cancer is. My comment to Skywalker was:

Hi Skywalker,

I really like your "name". My name is Maria, and I am a student at University of South Alabama in the US. I am studying to be an elementary teacher. I found your post interesting because we do not have Terry Fox Day in the States. I looked Terry Fox Day on the internet and now know what it is. I hope you continue with you blog, and the use of the internet. I know it has been a great help to me.

C4K #6
My fourth and final student I commented on for the month of October was Matthew. He did an analysis of "The Outsiders" titled "The Outsiders Characterization: Dally". My comment was:

Hi Matthew. My name is Maria. I am studying at the University of South Alabama to become an elementary teacher. I like your analysis of “The Outsiders”. I have not read the book since I was in the 7th grade, but your thoughts on it brought me back to the story. Keep reading!


  1. Good job, but you are missing the comment for Paige Vitulli's and Susan Santoli's Ireland trip.

    1. Elizabeth,
      It is the first one in my November post. Dr. Strange told me to put it on November's post in class. A classmate and I were confused about were to put it. I can change it to October if need be. Just let me know. I'd be glad to change it.

  2. I see! It is fine in the November post. Thanks!