Friday, October 19, 2012

Comments 4 Teachers #2

The second teacher I have been following was Ms. Hadley Ferguson who is a Middle School teacher.
Grapefruits and Maps
The first blog post I commented on was about a lesson she did. The lesson was teaching students about how maps where made. She showed the class how difficult it was to make sure the maps were correct. The class did this by making a map on a grapefruit, and then cutting the peal off. This blog post was named Grapefruit and Maps for obvious reasons and my comment was this:
Hi my name is Maria. I am a current student at University of South Alabama. I am studying to be an elementary teacher. I think that this is an excited way to learn about how to make maps. I like anything that is hands on. I especially like this one because the students were working in pairs so they had to agree things like how to take the peel off. I also like that it got a little messy. I think that sometimes teachers worry about keeping everything clean too much, and do not let the students be kids. I have one question what would you suggest as a better writing utensil on the fruit? Would a regular pen work? Thank you for the great idea! I will use it!
Ms. Ferguson later commented back suggesting a regular ball point pen or a crayon.

Just Not the Same!
THe second blog post I commented on was titled Just Not the Same!. On this post, Ms. Hadley Ferguson was talking about how a lesson she did in two different ways, one inside and one outside, had different outcomes. My comment for this post was this:
Hi Ms. Hadley, Maria Eschbach here again; I enjoyed reading this blog post. I liked seeing your thoughts between the two years. I like you like anything that is hand on and gets the students moving. So that the students in the first year were outside running around, I thought, was great. For the second year, I love that you took over the hallway. That is something I will use in later years. So with the knowledge you have now, about either the ending of the lesson or the activity being stronger which method will go next year?
I have not received an answer to my question yet.

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